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Expectations to meet and be met

I need clarification of LJ etiquette:

Are the details exposed in entries allowed to be discussed between people in the concrete of one's physical reality?

When one is Lj friends with someone, as well as actual in the flesh friends - are both/either parties allowed to refer to details (sometimes explicit) written up in LJ when meeting in the flesh?

Or is there a code of silence shrouding my journal so that when we meet - we may secret handshake, nod three times and wink the left eye - but then leave it at that?

And what happens when the friendship one shares on LJ varies in the level of intensity to that of the friendship in flesh friendship?

How many comments are to be made before a BFFE friendship is established and is this automatically transferred into flesh life?

Am I allowed to share interpretations of my LJ/flesh friends deepest tribulations diatribed online with those of the outer sanctum (those not linked to LJ)?

Conversely where do the obligations of my LJ and in the flesh friends and those that are both, lay?

Where is the code of conduct displayed?

I'm in a grey area right now................

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