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A marriage of words

All over me



Now the other girls are all about me,


Prancing on stage
Swarming with self ardent importance 
by your appointment t
cause my mind to circle and



I slam the doors

And steal back any gift I can find

Which I once offered so freely

to you


I want to scream down her throat

Right into that stomach you lie against.

Plant seeds of the distrust

Which you have wreathed all about me.

She sits there

On my stage


In my play,

Looking at my script.

        Full of blanket compliments

send/t across this space,


Penetrating my ether with such 
Insidious by-lines which
you do not discern

From her eyelash tinted tone.

And I wrote her in

With such a part to play;

I lined her up

For this


Such irony

We act at


To give full expression to contradictory or complementary impulses and attitudes

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