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In Memoriam to Identity

silence this perversity...

9 September 1980
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It is difficult to answer, said Mr Nixon. I seem to have known him all my life, but there must have been a period when I did not...

And you never mention him, said Mr hackett.

Why, said Mr Nixon, I may very well have mentioned him, there is really no reason why I should not. It is true -. He paused. He does not invite mention, he said, there are people like that...

[Y]ou might describe your friend a little more fully.

I really know nothing, said Mr Nixon.

But you must know something, said Mr Hackett. One does not part with five shillings to a shadow. Nationality, family, birthplace, confession, occupation, means of existance, distinctive signs, you cannot be in ignorance of all this.

Utter ignorance, said Mr Nixon.

He is not a native of these rocks, said Mr Hackett.

I tell you nothing is known, cried Mr Nixon. Nothing.

A silence followed these angry words, by Mr Hackett resented, by Mr Nixon repented.

He has a huge big red nose, said Mr Nixon grudgingly.

Beckett, Samuel. Watt. Grove Pres: New York, 1953. p18 - 21
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